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We took over this website from another developer who had told the client the site was no longer maintainable or updatable, and that the only way forward was to build an entirely new website from scratch.

We successfully restored the existing site by rebuilding the disastrously-complicated backend, updating and addressing errors in the underlying framework, cleaning up dead links and irrelevant content, and adding new functionality (such as Instagram integration), ultimately delivering a stable website on-time and under budget.

This project was an entirely new site to replace the union’s previous website, which was definitely showing its age. We took the meat of the old website, and worked with the union’s design board to decide on new features, style, layout, and copy. We helped minimize the cost by handcrafting CSS to replicate functionality otherwise exclusive to expensive premium tools. The end result is a modern, stable, and serviceable website, which also includes some special features that set it apart.

The new site features a protected content area containing calendars and events, contracts, and an array of useful resources for members. Registered users can also edit their own profiles to be displayed automatically in the public teacher directory, and a custom SQL query ensures the downloadable version is always up to date. That level integration between frontend and backend is not often implemented on WordPress sites.

A website we built as part of a full-service online presence project we did for a new venture breaking into a competitive psychiatric space in their local area. We helped the client refine their message and value proposition, designed the logo, helped write the copy, and built a clean, easily-maintained website consistent with that brand.

We also handled the entire digital media aspect of the project. The featured video was produced entirely in-house using our own equipment, as were most of the photos.


Calabasas Behavioral Health & TMS Center

“Dreadnought Endeavors have made a real difference in our multidisciplinary behavioral health practice. From security issues, HIPAA compliance, usability testing, VOIP phone integration, and every possible internet issue imaginable, they have always been reliable, incredibly knowledgeable, and fun to work with resource for our growing practice. Often, they answers our questions and resolves our issues in a matter of minutes. We couldn’t recommend them more highly.”

– Joel Crohn, Ph.D., Director of Psychological Services

Umbrella Armory

“We have had an exciting time every time we entrusted Dreadnought with any of our internal projects. We can always be sure that everything will get done perfectly and on time.”

-Julius Gontschar, COO

State of Mind Wellness Center

“Dreadnought Endeavors set up my computers, internet, electronic medical records, video surveillance system, music, cable, phone system and payroll services thoughtfully and efficiently.  All systems are aligned with the most state of the art technology. … Dreadnought delivers expertise. They are the best.”

– Priya Parmar, M.D.
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