PRTG Network Monitor

We are extremely proud to be the first US company to achieve Paessler’s PRTG implementation certification.

Serving clients across all sorts of industries, we’re exposed to a wide range of products and services. It’s extremely rare that we run into a product that consistently wins our recommendation when we’re evaluating options to meet a particular client’s needs. Paessler’s PRTG Network Monitor is of very few products that we recommend and deploy over and over, for small businesses and enterprises alike.


Systems administrators and executives alike agree: if you have any kind of infrastructure, you need to keep an eye on it. Monitoring the systems and equipment that your business uses daily helps avoid downtime in the first place, and keep it brief when it does occur.

Paessler has built an impressive library of sensors for all sorts of monitoring targets, from servers and networking equipment to cloud services or environmental systems. New sensors are added regularly, and anything not natively supported can be added easily with the robust custom sensor support.


Of course, collecting data and storing it somewhere is just one piece of the puzzle. Especially as the environment and associated monitoring data grow, it’s critical to properly filter, prioritize, and display it to the right people. This is where PRTG really shines: whether it’s a status board for an operations center, general overview for executives, or highly detailed status overlaid on system schematics, dashboards are extremely flexible and customizable, and don’t require extensive programming experience to build.


Dreadnought achieved PRTG Certified Implementation Engineer status in 2020, having already identified Paessler as a company we wanted to work with more closely. When the new implementation certification was offered we jumped at the opportunity, and passed the certification exam with flying colors. Today we offer both implementation support and white-glove setup, training, and a la carte services to help clients get the most out of PRTG in any environment.


PRTG in Industry
PRTG Network Monitor
PRTG in Healthcare


If you’re interested in deploying PRTG in your environment, or getting help with an existing installation, let us know!