Software & Equipment Sales

Online Store

Our online store contains only a small selection of the most popular products we recommend and our clients purchase most often. It’s designed for businesses that know exactly what they want and are ready to purchase, without speaking to a sales department or waiting for a manual quote.

We don’t stock most of these products ourselves, which allows us to offer a vast array of products at competitive prices, at the cost of slightly increased processing time. Regrettably it’s not feasible to display the multitude of products and variations we’re able to purchase in our store, so in the likely event the product you’re looking for is not listed, or you’re looking for volume pricing, please contact us for a no-commitment, no-harassment quote.

We also license Google Workspace (formerly G Suite), Microsoft/Office 365, and other subscription-based cloud services–we can even migrate existing subscriptions for better pricing. Due to the nature of the licensing process we can’t provision new subscriptions automatically through our online store, so please contact us to get started.

Product Advice/Licensing Questions

Figuring out software licensing or selecting the right product in general can be a headache. What are the actual differences between the available options, and which fits your needs best? We’re already familiar with everything in our store, and can help you figure out exactly what to order, free from unwelcome upsells.

Dreadnought does not engage in high-pressure sales; we don’t even have dedicated salespeople. Everyone you’ll talk to is an expert in fitting solutions to clients, not the other way around. While we’d love to have a long-term business relationship, we understand that every other vendor does too, so if you really just want to place an order and not hear from us again we’ll be glad to make that happen.

Government, Education, and Non-profit

Most of our vendors offer special pricing for these sectors, and we’d be happy to help you get it. Unfortunately, we have to request that special pricing directly on your behalf, and we aren’t allowed to show those prices publicly. Please get in touch so we can get that process started.